Credit Restoration Service

Provide accurate credit information and unfamiliar credit paperwork procedure for people who suffer. Per clients request we serve review and evaluate documents at a lower cost via website.

Partners Store – B2B B2C Business Web Portal

It is a business web portal service that connects business-to-business and business-to-customer.

Partners Store has the purpose to promote sales by offering Web services that can be marked to various employers. Actively support employers in developing and selling new ideas and quality products and great variety of goods and to business customers provide a wide range of opportunities to use good quality cheap goods.


Provide source and advice for bank loans on personal and business loan.
Our Commercial Financing Programs can provide you the signature service that ranks us at the forefront of the commercial finance industry.
We build up service for employers that operate businesses in existing or newly started operators.

Corporate Finance

ETC group is a company that specializes in small business financial management through comprehensive analysis of each of our client’s company, eliminating any financial leaks.
We also provide AR / AP, as well as the professionally organized operational programs and configurations.

Rosaria – Garment Wholesale/Retail

It’s an affordable to the latest trendy brand under the motto that everyone can enjoy sensual style women clothes and combines wholesale and retail top and the leggings.
Wholesale is engaged in marketing a successful business. Retailers are dealing with is the only product registered copy right of superior designer.

Real Estate Brokerage

Residential or Commercial, we advise clients based on expert resources and the experience to evaluate the various existing deals to buy and sell including the future value creation of real estate. The best in terms of investment consulting firm that enables you to achieve the road to success. Areas cover the United States.